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Arthritis is a degenerative disease where the joints and tissue start to wear down. As we age, the body does not rebuild cartilage and other tissues fast enough to repair this type of damage so the result can be moderate to severe pain in the joints, inflammation, and reduced mobility. Dr. Prasad Kilaru offers treatment options and surgery for arthritic conditions of the hand joints. He can treat:


Trauma, injury, or deterioration of the thumb joint can cause thumb basal joint arthritis. This condition can be treated with both non-surgical and surgical procedures with the goal of restoring full function of the basal joint and eliminating pain. Learn more about treatment for thumb basal joint arthritis.


Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease and can cause moderate to severe pain when it wears down the cartilage in the hands. Cartilage breakdown can be irreversible as we age, and the degradation can lead to inflammation and bone spurs developing around the joint. Learn more about treatment for joint osteoarthritis.


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