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Fingertip Injuries

Fingertip InjuriesSince the fingertips are used frequently for a variety of activities, they are especially prone to injury and damage. Fingertip injuries of the hand can occur for several reasons and may require surgery if severely damaged.


What Are Fingertip Injuries?

We use our fingers to perform a variety of functions every day, many of which we take for granted. However, when even a single finger gets injured, it can disrupt our daily routines significantly. Fingertip injuries are typically caused by an accident in the home or at work, such as getting a finger trapped in a doorway, crushed by heavy objects, or hitting the fingers with a hammer.

They can also be the result of misused power tools, knives, or other sharp objects. Whatever the case may be, this type of injury is best described as any damage to the skin, bone, tendons, pulp, padded areas of the fingertip, and the nail bed. Since there are nerve endings in the fingertips, damage to this area can be especially painful.

Treatment for Fingertip Injuries

If you come in to see Dr. Kilaru about a fingertip injury, he may take an x-ray to check for any broken bones and severely damaged tissue. If there is serious injury to the fingertip, reconstructive surgery may be necessary to restore the finger. Broken bones can be treated with a splint or temporary metal pins placed in the finger to hold the tissue together. A splint or surgery may be needed for a nail bed injury.


Recovering from Fingertip Injuries

The fingertips are a very sensitive area and recovery can take time if you do not limit the use of your hands. The finger may stay sensitive for several months after surgery or there may be sensations of numbness. The texture and quality of the skin may change after more extensive surgery or treatment.

Dr. Kilaru will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine the extent of your injury and prepare an appropriate treatment plan. If you have suffered a fingertip injury or want to learn more about hand surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kilaru today.


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