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TraumaFractures and injuries to the hand or fingers can be painful and interfere with your daily life. If left untreated, fractures can get worse and even something as small as a fingertip injury can develop into a more chronic condition without proper treatment. Dr. Prasad Kilaru performs a number of procedures that can treat fractures, injuries, and conditions related to trauma of the palms, fingers, fingertips, and wrists.



The small bones in the fingers can get fractured after a small blow or too much pressure. This type of injury can be extremely painful and will limit daily activities. Dr. Kilaru offers surgical and non-surgical treatment for finger fractures. Learn more about finger fractures.



We use our fingertips everyday and often take the work they do for granted. When a fingertip is injured, it can disrupt your daily routine and can also be very painful. Dr. Kilaru offers surgical and non-surgical treatment for fingertip injuries. Learn more about fingertip injuries.



The tendons that connect the muscle tissue to the bone help to keep the hand straight and fingers bending with ease. Any damage to these tendons can compromise your ability to move your hands and fingers so surgery may be necessary. Learn more about flexor tendon injuries.



If the soft tissue connecting the bones of the thumb are injured to the point that the thumb bends backwards, you may need surgery to repair the ligament. Skier’s thumb, also known as gamekeeper’s thumb, can be treated with both surgical and non-surgical methods. Learn more about skier’s/gamekeeper’s thumb.



Injuries that damage the tendons right under the skin of the wrist and hands can compromise your ability to bend the wrists without pain. Extensor tendon injuries typically require surgical treatment. Learn more about extensor tendon injuries.



If the tendon that helps keep the fingers straight becomes damaged, you might end up with a finger that permanently droops and is difficult to move without pain. Surgery may be necessary to restore full functioning of this tendon. Learn more about mallet finger.

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