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Finger Fractures

Finger FracturesThe bones in the hands are relatively small but breaking a finger bone can be a severe injury. Finger fractures are easy to treat once they have been diagnosed but it’s important for the patient to avoid using their injured hand completely until treatment is complete.


What Are Finger Fractures?

The hand is made up fo 27 bones, including 14 bones in the fingers. One of the most common fractures is a fracture of one of the five bones in the palm of your hand that leads to the little finger. This can be a fragile area and cause a very painful fracture.

Common symptoms of finger fractures include: tenderness and swelling at the fracture site; inability to move the injured finger through its usual range of motion; and deformity of the injured finger.

Treatment for Finger Fractures

If you think you have a finger fracture, you must come in to see Dr. Kilaru for an evaluation as soon as possible. Dr. Kilaru may perform a series of tests to determine whether your fingers are lining up as they are supposed to when you extend your hand. If one finger looks too long or short, or appears to point at the wrong angle, it could be the sign of a fracture. Dr. Kilaru will take x-rays of both hands to locate the injury.

Treatment for finger fractures can be surgical or nonsurgical. Nonsurgical treatment may involve wearing a splint or cast over the damaged finger to protect the area and slowly move the fractured finger in place. Surgery may involve placing small screws, pins, and wire in the finger to bring the fractured bone together.


Recovering from Finger Fractures

The recovery process varies from patient to patient but Dr. Kilaru will provide you with information on when you will be able to move your finger and how soon you can start doing rehabilitation exercises. Moving your finger through a certain range of motion can reduce some of the swelling and stiffness from surgery.

If you think you have a finger fracture, Dr. Kilaru will need to conduct a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine the location of the fracture and extent of injuries. He can then prepare a treatment plan that will restore the fractured bone and help you recover quickly. If you have a finger fracture or want to learn more about hand surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kilaru today.


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