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Mass Infection

Mass Infection

Any infection of the skin of the hands or conditions that affect the fascia around the hands can develop into something more serious if it is left untreated. Dr. Prasad Kilaru offers treatment for several types of bacterial infections and conditions that are causing problems with hand function.



Also known as Dupuytren’s Disease, this condition affects the fibrous tissue beneath the skin. When this layer of tissue starts to tighten or becomes thicker, the fingers can pull inward and it’s difficult to bend the fingers fully. Learn more about Dupuytren Contracture.



A cyst can develop around the finger joints near the nail when fluid escapes through a small hole. This cyst is not harmful but may need treatment if there is recurrent drainage or if the nails are affected because of the cyst formation. Dr. Kilaru can drain the cyst and perform surgery when needed. Learn more about mucous cyst treatment.



When a small lump that looks like a water balloon forms inside the hand, it may require treatment. A ganglion cyst can develop around the wrist or at the base of the finger joint and can become painful. Dr. Kilaru offers treatment for this type of cyst with non-surgical methods and surgery. Learn more about treatment for a ganglion cyst.



If you develop a candida infection on the skin around the fingernails, the infection can develop into something more serious if it is left untreated. Acute and chronic paronychia have visible symptoms and may require drainage of pus-filled areas and taking antibiotics. Learn more about treatment for paronychia.



If the tip of the finger develops an infection, you ma experience pain and discomfort. This condition is usually caused by a bacterial infection and must be treated quickly. Learn more about treatment for felon.

If you have symptoms of an infection or the tissues in the fingers feel tight and constricted, you need to come in for an evaluation. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kilaru about a mass infection today.


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