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Breast Reconstruction

Breast ReconstructionBreast reconstruction surgery restores the breast to its normal size, shape, and appearance after mastectomy. This procedure may involve breast implants or grafting tissue from another part of the body to create the new breast.


Why Breast Reconstruction?

Patients who have undergone cancer treatment for breast cancer or those who have damaged breasts after an accident may need to undergo a breast reconstruction procedure. This surgery typically involves multiple surgical techniques to recreate a natural contour. Several factors are taken into account before performing this surgery, including the type of mastectomy, cancer treatment, and the patient’s body type and goals.

The procedure can be performed on only one or both breasts and the techniques used on either breast may be different if one is larger than the other or if there is some asymmetry. As long as the patient does not have any other medical conditions that would interfere with healing and has realistic expectations about the procedure, they would be good candidates for surgery.

Undergoing the Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Breast reconstruction may consist of a single procedure or multiple procedures spaced a few weeks or months apart, depending on the extent of reconstruction needed. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia and may require inserting implants or grafting tissue from a donor site to build a breast mound. Dr. Kilaru may need to perform a breast lift or breast reduction on one breast to create a balanced appearance.

After the procedures are performed, incisions are closed and you will need to wear a support bra to ensure the tissues heal. Dr. Kilaru will provide detailed post-op instructions to ensure a optimal recovery.


What to Expect with Breast Reconstruction

Results will vary by patient and it’s important to know that a reconstructed breast will not have the same sensation or texture as the original breast. Incision lines may be more visible than traditional breast augmentation or breast lift surgery because of the mastectomy. Still, patients who undergo breast reconstruction are often thrilled with their results and happy to have their feminine contours restored.

Dr. Kilaru understands the devastating impact a cancer diagnosis and mastectomy can have on a patient’s emotions and self-confidence. He has helped many patients achieve beautiful results with a breast reconstruction procedure.

Learn more about breast reconstruction surgery and find out if you’re a candidate for treatment. Schedule your private consultation with Dr. Kilaru today.


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