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As a baby, your skin is perfect. It is supple, soft, firm and resilient. It appears to glow from within. Unfortunately, as you mature your skin changes. It looks dry, saggy, blotchy and wrinkled. At local stores, skin care products available over-the-counter can’t deliver on the promises their packages make, causing many people to become frustrated. East Bay Hand & Plastic Surgery offers a variety of skin care options to treat the underlying causes of many complaints, succeeding where store-bought products fail.

The products offered by Dr. Kilaru do more than reduce the signs of aging. They can clear your complexion; help you to grow more attractive eyelashes, and so much more. Although the most dramatic results can sometimes only be accomplished through surgery, these skin care solutions for people can be highly effective. If you have questions regarding any of our skincare products contact our office where our highly knowledgeable staff can help you to understand more about the wonderful products we offer.


SkinCeuticals advanced skincare line is scientifically developed to complement cosmetic procedures. These products help reverse signs of aging, prevent damage, and protect the skin. To learn about the products we carry in office, please contact us today.


You have seen the celebrity advertisements. Now come try it for yourself! LATISSEĀ® is a doctor-prescribed, FDA-approved treatment to help you grow longer, thicker, darker eyelashes. The treatment is applied to your upper eyelashes each evening and, in 12 to 16 weeks, you will see beautiful results.


Silagen Silicone Scar Treatments are revolutionary, medical-grade silicone treatments created to reduce the look of scars significantly. Don’t let your unease about spots prevent you from leading your ideal life. Instead of covering up your scars with clothing, use Silagen silicone scar treatments to make them less visible for good.


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