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Dr Kilaru is amazing. I’m so thankful for his skilled hands . I’ve had two cosmetic procedures with Dr Kilaru in the last 7 years. The first was liposuction of the mid to lower back with liposuction of the arms 2012. My first procedure was less than 3 hours and I’m recovery was a dream. I was super pleased With my results. Over the years I gained a lot of weight due to many reasons but I still kept my shape. In 2018 I started a keto diet and lost 65 pounds with caused my arms to look like deflated ballon which I despised. I decided it was time to go back to my favorite reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr.kilaru. It was super easy to make my appointment for consultation (his office staff is amazing) . We discussed my options for incisions and also liposuction of my abdominal area. I felt super comfortable with Dr Kilaru considering you’re showing someone your most embarrassing imperfections (no body shaming here) . I was so excited I booked my surgery before leaving the office . Once again his office staff is the bomb. Super helpful and super sweet. I just love Delilah. She ordered my garments for post surgery and even sent me a list of lymphatic providers. Surgery went amazing for about 4hours and again no complications, anesthesiologists were great. Staff at Washington outpatient surgery center were awesome. No complaints here. I went home and had a really smooth recovery. Not much pain. Took meds for about 4 days. Fast forward 3 months later. I’m still healing it doing great even though they say 6 months is normal for recovery after an arm lift. But I went back to work after 3 weeks. Working out after 8. I’ve been sleeping in a recliner to keep my arms elevated. (Which I purchased for this procedure) to keep the swelling in my hands down. I feel like that’s my only downfall from the procedure but other than that I’ve been great and I’m super happy with my results. oh and I no longer have to wear deodorant which is an added bonus (. My abdominal liposuction made a world of a difference waist was 37 before. Currently 34 bra straps are 40 now 37. I’m super happy. After my procedures I got 6 lymphatic massages which helped with swelling and my scars. I’m just 100 percent happy with everything I love about Dr Kilaru and his beautiful staff. I’m thinking of getting a breast lift and one more round of liposuction to the abdomen and upper back fat. I recommend anyone one to visit Dr Kilaru’s practice and you won’t be disappointed.” – Jahnell S.

Plastic Surgery is no joke and neither is Dr. Kilaru! I’ve had 3 different procedures done by Dr. Kilaru in two different surgeries. 

Dr. Kilaru is thorough, precise, talented, Real and a “Magician”! He change my life and I am forever grateful.

My first surgery was a panniculectomy (tummy tuck) in February 2016. I couldn’t have asked for better results. (See photo) My Second procedure took place November 2018 where I had liposuction of my inner thighs and arms. Additionally, I had a bilateral breast lift and reduction. Since this procedure was so recent I’m still in recovery and with this particular procedure the results are not instantaneous. However I have faith that everything will heal appropriately and as anticipated.

During my recovery I have received nothing but excellent care from my surgeon or his dedicated medical staff. There has never been an unanswered phone call, voicemail or question. Delilah, Maria and Mary are all very helpful, kind and patient. I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about this entire

I Highly recommend Dr.Kilaru!!!  You won’t be disappointed” – Kimberly M.

I would give 10 stars if I could. 5 years ago, I inquired about breast augmentation where Dr. Prasad Kilaru was one of the doctors I consulted with. At that point in my life, I was not entirely ready for the surgery for many reasons. 

Fast forward years later when I DID decide that breast augmentation would be ideal for me at this time, I started going to consultations again. The other doctors that I met with were okay… the before & after pictures were impressive and the office personal were very informative. But there was something about the doctors themselves that seemed so rehearsed, generic and not very personable. I remembered my meeting with Dr. Kilaru 5 years prior and decided to give his office a call again. 

I then spoke with Delilah (who is AMAZING by the way) and she set up a time for me to come back in and meet with the doctor. When I came in to meet with Dr. Kilaru, he was so upbeat and was so adamant about giving me exactly what I wanted. He took his time to help me decide what would look best with my body frame and explained everything so thoroughly. I did not nearly feel as comfortable with the other doctors as I did with him. He was so honest about the pro’s and con’s and did not try to convince me of unrealistic results. 

I had my mind set on 450cc’s (per other doctors) hoping that would bring my small B cup to a full D. Dr. Prasad advised me that because I am almost 5’10, I should go with 500cc’s in order to achieve the look I wanted. I trusted his expertise and went with the 500’s – and I am loving my 36D cup size. They came out absolutely amazing and I would recommend Dr. Prasad to anyone and everyone!” – Allasia H.

Easy to talk to and always tells you the truth of any procedure. Recommend. His office staff and assistants are the best.” – Elaine S.

My experience with Dr. Kilaru has been phenomenal. He has always been professional and kind. With his skill and expertise, he gave me my body back. I will always be grateful to him. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of reconstructive &/or cosmetic surgery.” – Zia B.

Had a revision surgery to create more symmetry of my breast implants on 9/1/17. Having had radiation on one side for breast cancer, it’s hard to get symmetry when you first have implants put in. You need to wait a few months after the initial surgery to see the end results because the radiated side is stiffer and you need to give it time for the other non-radiated side settles in. 
10 stars! I’m very pleased with the look! And the staff is always friendly and helpful. Highly recommend Dr. Kilaru!” – Shonta N.

Dr. Kilaru and staff have treated me with so much care. Dr. Kilaru exceeded my expectations with my breast mastopexy. They followed up numerous times and delivered flowers to my home for choosing their care. I know he will be my doctor for a life time and I’m very thankful for all his services.” – Jenae S.

Dr. P. Kilaru is a highly skilled, competent, & kind surgeon. Not all plastic surgeons want to take on a challenge/problem, & my situation was not simple. With a different surgeon (in Sacramento area), I had a lot of breast asymmetry after breastfeeding by babies, & underwent lift, reduction, & augmentation in an effort to achieve symmetry again. One of my breasts encapsulated, & I had 2 other surgeries that left me no better. So I gave up, & for almost a decade tried to be content that I could at least wear a bra, & tried to ignore the hard, uncomfortable, deformed breast. I was self-conscious in a swim suit, but could generally hide it in most clothing. With the kind support of my boyfriend, I opened up to looking for advice again, since medicine/surgery options do change over time, & maybe there was new hope. Dr. Kilaru (& Dr. O. Barzin), did offer hope. New methods. Truthful honest, & optimistic expectations. …& I’m fixed! Feel like I have my body back. No encapsulation. Had great experience at Washington Surgery Center, wonderful skilled anesthesiologist (Dr. Jeff Stewart), & thorough post-op support & follow up with Dr. Kilaru. If you or someone you love is in need of help from a plastic surgeon, then I highly recommend Dr. Kilaru.” – ZB

Dr. Kilaru, is a very skillful surgeon. He is thorough and meticulous in his work.  My experience from start to finish was excellent. I feel that I can blindly trust Dr. Kilaru, he is honest and down to earth!!! I did not even bother to look around for other surgeons, as once I met Dr. Kilaru, my sixth sense told me that I couldn’t be in better hands. His office staff are wonderful, always personable, courteous and helpful and all beautiful!!!” – Priya S.

Going from 310lbs to 195-205lbs is no small feet. Takes a lot of falling and faith over 15+ years. After I 1st started to recognize the changes from Jiu Jitsu and working with my chiropractor and personal trainer, recognized something would be necessary to remove the excess. It wasn’t because he was Indian, I was sold on him the moment he said, “I want you to lose as much weight as possible and then comeback and have the surgery.” …. He made of leap of faith and I kept coming … he encouraged me to get in the best shape I could … And between January to ultimately August 2013 when I had surgery…. That’s exactly what happened. The recovery was brutal to get back in “Jiu Jitsu shape”. The following year during the same timeframe due to “a special purpose” … Became a purple belt and for those who know …my life was completely changed for the better.  Thank you Dr. Kilaru!” – Mo P.

Dr. Prasad Kilaru, MD, MBA was recommended to me by my primary care physician to examine me for possible corrective plastic surgery.

What a fantastic experience I had from beginning to the end on two separate surgeries done over a four month span! 

What impressed me most was his artistic sculptural talent in the reconstruction, his consideration of me and my feelings as the patient, his great sense of humor, his medical training and all he has achieved in his career and the GREATEST PART – how he has changed my life forever! 

I admire and respect Dr. Prasad Kilaru immensely and would not hesitate in anyway to recommend him to YOU, my family and friends.” – Megan C


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