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Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast ReductionMen with enlarged breasts, also known as gynecomastia, can undergo the male breast reduction procedure to achieve a more sculpted and flatter chest. Gynecomastia surgery is a corrective procedure for overdeveloped breasts in adult men.


Why Male Breast Reduction?

Men who have swollen breast tissue because of a hormonal balance or enlarged breasts because of genetics might consider surgery to achieve a more masculine appearance. Most men desire to maintain a flat but defined chest. If the breast tissue is enlarged, they may feel self-conscious about their appearance and avoid certain activities.

Gynecomastia is often the result of excess glandular tissue development but can also occur because of excess localized fat, or excess breast skin tissue.

Dr. Kilaru uses special techniques to perform the male breast reduction procedure and has helped many male patients achieve their desired results.

Undergoing a Male Breast Reduction Procedure

The male breast reduction is performed under local anesthesia and may involve liposuction to remove excess fat and excision techniques to remove glandular tissue. Liposuction is performed by making a set of very small incisions around the lower part of the breast area and removing the fat with a cannula and vacuum suction device. The excision technique involves making an incision across or around the areola to access the tissue and reposition the nipple and tissues to create a more male contour.

After incision sites have been closed, the treatment area will be covered with bandages and the patient is fitted with a support garment to help the tissues heal properly. A drain may be placed under the skin to get rid of excess blood or fluid from surgery. Dr. Kilaru will provide specific post-op instructions, including activity limitations, to ensure an optimal recovery.


What to Expect with Male Breast Reduction

Patients see a significant difference in the contour of the chest after the swelling has subsided. If a significant amount of fat and tissue were removed, results may be visible shortly after surgery.

Results vary from patient to patient but this can be a transformative procedure for many men. Incision lines are easily concealed by natural contour and patients can wear fitted clothing or bare their chest at the beach without feeling self-conscious.

Find out if the male breast reduction procedure is right for you. Schedule your private consultation with Dr. Kilaru today.


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