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ParonychiaA candida infection on the skin around your fingernails is known as paronychia. This condition can be acute or chronic, depending on the type of infection and duration.


What is Paronychia?

Acute paronychia occurs around the fingernails and develops fairly quickly. It is usually the result of some type of damage to the skin around the nails, either from an injury, an aggressive manicure, or from nail and skin biting. If the skin gets infected, you’ll notice redness around the nails and development of pus-filled blisters. In some cases, the nails change shape and color.

Chronic paronychia develops slowly and the symptoms can come and go over a course of several weeks. Chronic cases are usually caused by more than one type of bacteria and often occur in those who work in water most of the time. A every bacterial infection can lead to detachment of the nail.

Symptoms of this condition are easy to recognize. Dr. Kilaru can perform a skin and finger examination to determine whether you have a bacterial infection and may send a sample to a lab if you are not responding well to treatment.

Treatment for Paronychia

Acute cases of paronychia can be treated at home with special care of any pus-filled areas or visibly infected areas. Dr. Kilaru might prescribe an antibiotic to prevent the infection from spreading or getting worse. You may need to have pus-filled areas drained and then have the wound cleaned and treated to prevent further infection.

What to Expect with Paronychia Treatment

Chronic cases are more difficult to treat and may require using antifungal medication, taking antibiotics. Surgery is usually reserved only for severe cases where a damaged nail must be removed. You may also need to use treatments that block inflammation. Early treatment can help prevent the infection from spreading and practicing good hygiene can prevent an infection from occurring in the first place.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of paronychia, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kilaru today.


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