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HandIf you are injured in an accident, have a fracture in the hands or fingers, or develop a skin or tissue infection in the hands, turn to Dr. Prasad Kilaru for treatment. Dr. Kilaru has extensive experience performing reconstructive surgeries and providing medical treatment for many common conditions related to the hands and fingers.



Fractures and tendon injuries to the hand can cause pain and disruptions in day-to-day life. Dr. Kilaru can treat a variety of conditions related to trauma, including finger fractures and extensor tendon injuries. Learn more about:

Finger Fractures

Fingertip Injuries

Flexor Tendon Injuries

Skier’s/Gamekeeper’s Thumb

Extensor Tendon Injuries

Mallet Finger



Stress and damage to the bones, ligaments, and tissue of the hand can occur from performing repetitive activities for prolonged periods of time. Repetitive injuries can be treated with a number of surgical and non-surgical modalities. Dr. Kilaru provides treatment for the following repetitive injuries and nerve compression conditions:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

DeQuervain’s Tendinitis

Radial Tunnel Syndrome

Lateral Epicondylitis

Trigger Finger



Arthritis can cause moderate to severe pain in the affected joints and greatly reduce your ability to perform certain activities. When detected early, steps can be taken to prevent further joint deterioration. Dr. Kilaru offers treatment for certain types of arthritic conditions, including:

Thumb Basal Joint

Joint Osteoarthritis



Most infections of the tissues in the hand or fingers occur after some type of trauma or damage to the skin. Bacterial infections, herpes virus infections, and some types of fungi may cause a serious infection deep within the skin that eventually affects the bone. Dr. Kilaru can treat several types of infections of the hand, including:

Dupuytren Contracture

Mucous Cyst

Ganglion Cyst




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